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What Is Posture Correction Therapy And Can It Relieve Pain ?

What Is Good Posture ?

To answer this question simply, a good posture is basically sitting straight and standing straight without slouching or hunching over. It's what all Sydney physiotherapists have to say about what Physio is.

A good posture means that you have less strain on your muscles and ligaments while you are standing, sitting down or lying down. It is important to have good posture as it not only increases one's self-confidence and self-esteem but also improves long-term health. It can also reduce the pain one is experiencing.

What Is Posture Correction Therapy ?

Posture correction therapy is the physio practice of physical stance re-alignment or adjustment of one's disposition in how the stand or sit. It can be hard to obtain a good posture if you have a poor one, however, it is not impossible. 

The first step to improve should be having a posture type assessment by a professional physiotherapist. After the assessment, the physiotherapist can figure out the best treatment or therapy. Your therapy can involve hands-on treatment, posture correction exercises and obtaining home products. 

In addition to this, there are other products that can help you with your posture. For instance, a posture corrector belts and braces work by correcting the position of the shoulders and keeping the back straight. However, keep in mind that it is best to consult your doctor or sports physiotherapist before purchasing these products

What Are Posture Correction Exercises ?

Certain exercises, especially the ones that focus on the core area, help you to correct and improve your posture. These posture correction exercises extend, flex and rotate the muscles and make them stronger. 

Here is a posture correction exercise, the cat-cow, that is found very effective:

In this exercise, we come on to our hands and knees, with an equal balance on both halves of our body. 

As we inhale, we lift our head up, drop our abdomen down to the ground and extend our spine. As we exhale, we arch our spine upwards and move our head close to our chest. 

We continue this exercise for one minute.
In addition to this exercise, there are many other exercises that can improve the posture and these posture correction exercises are one of the most effective ways of improving the posture

How Can Posture correction Physio Help Straighten Posture ?

Physiotherapy helps us to improve our posture by correcting the way we stand, sit and walk, improving our muscle strength, extending our nerves, improving our balance and our flexibility. Your physiotherapist is the best person that can advise you on exercises or therapy depending on your posture type and other variables.

Studies show that having a good posture must be a habit. It may be difficult to gain this habit, but you can train yourself on how to stand or sit correctly. In order to obtain or maintain your good posture:

  • Balance your weight on both of your feet
  • Tuck your stomach in
  • Slightly bend your knees
  • Let your arms hang next to your body while you stand
  • Keep a distance, preferably a shoulder-width, between your feet
  • Sit up with your back straight and leaned
  • Keep your shoulders back while you are sitting
  • Do not cross your knees or ankles while you are sitting
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed while standing and sitting
  • Do not sit in the same position for a long time
  • Finding the right mattress is also important as your position while you are lying down also affects your posture
  • Do not sleep on your stomach

Who Do I See For Bad Posture Correction ?

If you have not been able to be able to correct your own posture through posture correction exercises, you really need to see a posture correction therapist in order to restore your posture. If you ignore this problem, a bad posture as you age will only get worse and cause you serious pain and suffering in the long run. There is one good Sydney physiotherapist who can deal with this issue. They are also one of the best Liverpool physiotherapists  as well as well as a physiotherapist for back pain

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What Is Posture Correction Therapy And Can It Relieve Pain ?

What Is Good Posture ? To answer this question simply, a good posture is basically sitting straight and standing straight without sl...